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Architectural visualization
for builders of wooden and log houses


We create unique 3d renderings of wooden and log houses.

Show our photorealistic images to your clients for facilitated approval of your projects.

The wooden architecture rightly becomes more and more popular every day, and the number of companies providing construction on wooden houses is growing. The main task for such companies is to show up among competitors. In addition, a beautiful picture of the project will most interest the potential purchasers.

You can read the whole article and right now, you can write to us to info@lightcache.ru, to order visualization of your wooden house project.




Less than 10% of companies use high quality 3D visualization

The first results of the marketing research of 150 websites of the companies performing wooden housing have surprised even me:
// According to the results of the research performed by our studio in August 2012

More than a half of the organizations use visualization from ArchiCAD and only 8 percent of them offer to their potential clients to estimate the house project on photorealistic images.

Visualization made in ArchiCAD shows architecture of the house but does not render the main thing – the texture, warmth and environmental friendliness of wood.

Visualization from ArchiCAD and photorealistic visualization:

“Five-year old” visualization – the image looks like “dead” and the eye of an attentive purchaser, first of all, see unrealistic, plastic environment. On the background of such environment, the house is perceived as a toy house, unreal house.

“Five years old” visualization and photorealistic visualization:

When buying a wooden house, the client wishes to plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale – to live in the Russian izba, which image is known and loved by everybody from the very childhood. And it is in our projects, the client will see his dream.


Just imagine, how great it is, when the client reviews a number of websites with wooden houses and makes a decision in favor of exactly your website – as he finally saw what he had been looking for. Living wood, forest, nature. The client sees not just boring drafts; he sees his future house – a wooden house.

No doubt, the plan, the facades, peculiarities of construction are also important, but, at the next stage, – after the smart image has “caught” the purchaser.

Special attention should be paid to visualization of complex objects with rare types of felling.

It is practically impossible to show such objects correctly without high quality visualization. As the type of logs molding, their diameter and texture are what creates the image of the house and any conformity or simplification can spoil the whole impression about the project for potential purchasers of the construction.



Which original images of houses
should be prepared?

Of course, in some cases, it is enough to prepare some sketch pictures or photos of the built house.

However, sometimes, it is needed to show the project in different seasons:

Different time of the day:

Or change the color of materials:

Apart the presentation on the website, such images are actual for participation in special exhibitions, for publications in magazines or projects catalogues.

An unprepared viewer takes the high quality visualization as a photo of an already built house. And the high resolution of the images made by us allows publishing them in magazines and even on banners.


How to save time
upon the order of visualization?

For many reasons, during several years we have been entrusted to visualize a wide variety of wooden objects.

From pavilions:

to cottage settlements:

Beside beautiful pictures, all companies want to get a perfect service and guarantee of quality. That is why we have designed a system approach to visualization allowing us to avoid mistakes and save the time of our clients.

Some peculiarities of the system approach:

  • Step-by-step work
    In the beginning of our work on the project we compose technical specifications and discuss the stages of the work on the project. The results of all stages are agreed with you.
  • Keeping terms
    We specify real terms needed for performance of the project. And we understand very well that projects can have strict deadlines. And if the picture is not ready on Wednesday, for example, it will be simply not needed on Thursday any more.
  • Well functioning scheme of the remote work
    With most clients of our studio we communicate remotely: e-mail, skype, telephone. Independently from the way of communication, after each dialogue about the project – we send to you a letter, in which we resume our dialogue and describe our further work on the project in detail.
  • Stable quality
    Inside standards of quality allow us to make images of the same quality as you see in the works of our portfolio.
  • Any source information
    For visualization of the project, it is enough to have any initial information: drafts, sketches, photographs of analogue objects and description of the desired result and so on.

Besides, we always complete standard images with façade renders on a white background: lc-wooden-fasad.jpg


How to check the quality of visualization?

Very often, wooden housing visualization is performed by architects or constructors, and this is not enough correct as while successful performing their special work, they may be not aware of all the peculiarities of photorealistic visualization.

We have prepared a short checklist, with the help of which you can check the quality of the visualization performed.

Accurate 3D model

3D model is the basis of everything. With strict compliance to all dimensions, if in the source information there were drafts. Or with keeping proportion – if the work is performed on the basis of sketches or reference images.

Beside this, it is important to observe the design features of the building.

Superfelling and output of logs: Section of bars: Roof felling:

Realistic materials

Having seen the visualization you will not need to try to understand where and which material is used. All the materials are well processed and recognizable. Visualization renders not only the texture of the element, but also its reflecting features.

Upon visualization of wooden houses, it is worth to pay a special attention to the following features:

  • Wooden grains are parallel to the long side of the plank
  • On the edges of logs rings are seen
  • It is needed to avoid appearance of repeated texture of wood (so called “tiling”), all logs should have their unique natural texture

Processed environment

It is important to show the wooden house in realistic environment.

For example, against the background of a forest and a river:lightcache_wooden-group.jpg

This emphasizes the environmental friendliness of the house, but the foreground should also be remembered.

Each grass-blade is seen: Bushes along the fencing: Flowered beds:

All plants are not randomly set in the picture; they harmonize in color and climate zone.

Attention to details

In visualization, we try to avoid conventions: we do not simply copy the objects from drafts or photographs. We see into their structure and functions and this makes the images adequate and recognizable.


How to order a wooden house visualization?

We have much more to tell about peculiarities of wooden housing visualization and we can start to visualize your projects right now.

Just write to us to info@lightcache.ru, to order visualization of your wooden houses.

To prepare our commercial offer and start technical works we will need:

  • Drafts and sketches of facades
  • Comments on diameter of logs or dimensions of bars and the type of felling
  • Comments on colors and materials of the roof, the plinth, cases and doors
  • Your wishes for environment