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Architecture forms conscience

We believe that cities with their architecture are living and constantly changing organisms.

We like watching new houses and districts being built and the world around us changing. While the architecture is changing, the conscience of people is changing too. We understand that architecture bears a serious social responsibility before the society: it influences the general comfort of living and daily takes part in the formation of taste and habits of people.

By visualization, we wish to show people the important role of architecture in our life and to render the feelings and emotions created by the future object, which is being built or designed; and to do our best to draw attention to architecture and make people discuss it; as well as to make people avoid extremities in its perception when the buildings around us are either completely neglected or taken for granted or just a scene behind the window or considered from the standpoint of economical effectivity without paying due regard to the beauty, harmony or actuality of the building.

Architectural visualization as a means of a dialogue

Visualization is the best means to start a dialogue between professionals in the architecture sphere (architects, builders, developers) and people who are far from the theme of architecture. In this case, the dialogue is expressed in advertising materials, articles, presentations and support documentation. At each level of interaction, in order to form the first impression, pictures are used.

And we like to create pictures of architectural objects and, by that, to help to start an interesting dialogue, which, very often, represents one of the first steps to the realization of the project.



Lightcache is a full service studio of architectural visualization and animation

The studio specializes on exterior visualization and performs tasks on creating sets of pictures and animated promos completely revealing the architecture or economical potential of the real estate objects being built or designed.

In the studio, we have organized a systematic work process, in which specialists in 3D graphics, architecture and marketing are working together. This interaction of different specialists allows creating smart pictures of the projects corresponding to the quality standards of 3D graphics and being always correct from the standpoint of architecture.

More than 150 completed projects on visualization in more than 35 cities and 7 countries

  • The official Birthday of the studio – March 3, 2011.
  • The name of the studio «lightcache» derives from the name of one of the computation algorithms for global illumination in 3D graphics.

Nicolay Shulyak – the founder and art-director of the studio

Specialist in the field of computer graphics and architectural visualization with many years’ experience. He loves architectural visualization and takes part in all large projects of the studio.

  • Since 2001 has been enthusiastic in 3D graphics
  • Since 2007 has been engaged in architectural visualization
  • In 2010 defended with distinction a graduation thesis on the theme of «Research of the methodology of architectural visualization»
  • ÂIn 2011 launched a special project on visualization of exteriors, which very soon overgrew into the studio «lightcache»

    • The author of a thematic blog on the modern architecture of Asian metropolitan cities 
    • A speaker of the largest Russian conference for designers and architects «Design-conference 2014» and «Design-conference 2015»
    • Winning awards of the leading Internet galleries of architectural visualization: «Editors' choice award» (evermotion.org) and «The King of the 3D hill» (3ddd.ru)
    • Cooperates with Administrations of the cities of Eastern Siberia on the questions of urban planning and provision of urban amenities in civic space



    About our studio from outside

    Stanislav Orechov (Stanislav Orekhov Studio) Natalia Lomeiko (Elizabeth Interiors)

    Vladimir Pulyaev (Bratsk)

    Architect, Fellow of the Union of Architects of Russia,
    Executive Director of the Bely Kvadrat architect’s bureau

    “We’ve been collaborating with Nikolay for quite a while now — he helps us visualize designs of our architect’s bureau.

    Everything is done to an accomplished standard, in accordance to project documentation and, most importantly, within the period stipulated. Nicolay works splendidly, doesn’t make raw renders and works flat out even when dealing with low-budget projects.”


    Elena Krasnorutskaya (Novosibirsk)

    Architect, Professor of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture Department
    of Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Fine Arts

    “For me as an architect, the service of project visualization is the best means to present my work most efficiently and in a workmanlike manner. In addition to other benefits, it is a huge time-saver.
    This is my first experience of cooperation with a visualization studio. Quite a positive one, I must say! Fellow architects! Just try it, and you will be most definitely not disappointed! :)

    In the end of the project I was given with magnificent visualizations. It’s only left to amaze the client!

    Thank you for your work. Looking forward to the further cooperation!”

    Vitaly Zotov (Novosibirsk)

    Architect, Executive of Vitaly Zotov Architectural Studio

    “The very opportunity to work with Nicolay is a great piece of luck!

    The first experience of working with Nikolay’s visualization studio has demonstrated that it’s possible to organize the design engineering process in such a way that the architect himself is freed from 3D-modeling or visualizing and can concentrate on the concept or technical aspects of his project.

    All inputs pay off straight away by saved time and astonishing quality of works!!!”