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Architectural visualization
for real estate developers
Making awesome pictures of real estate property being built and designed
«We need 3d visualization» – this phrase periodically appears during the preparation of promotional material and presentations of real estateproperty.

As a rule, on this stage its hard to realize how many pictures will be needed, which shooting angle is better to show the object to potential buyers, is it appropriate to use evening views, is it better to use an animation instead of still frames and so on.
One of our tasks is to release you from such a non-core routine as gathering information about visualization, its kinds and peculiarities, or as appropriate usage of different kinds of rendering in every single situation.

We have a good understanding of rendering and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you by suggesting a professional visualization of real estate property.
Why is it convenient to work with us?
Preparing exactly
the pictures you need
We understand purposes and tasks of architectural visualization and offer you pictures, reaching full economic potential of an object and demonstrating its architecture in details.
Performing all associated work stages by ourselves - Suggest a concept
- Collect additional information
- Draw up technical specifications
- Prepare progress reports
Holding to system approach to project management All our work is divided into several stages and the results
of each of them are agreed with you.
We compose our possible questions and comments crystal clear
on each stage as we know the value of your time.
Working with
any source data
If you dont have project design documentation yet,
but you need to launch an advertising campaign
we can make visualization on the basis of any drafts.
Living for rendering It just happened, that rendering for us is not only the way to earn some money, but its an excitement and even some art work. Thats why all our views are perfect there are no just casual projects.
What we can do?
Modern architecture Residential estate and shopping centers, office centers, production premises
Classic architecture Low-rise blocks, hotels, historical and culture heritage objects
Any scale of housing and landscape of any complexity
How we organize our work?
Architectural visualization is a production process consisting of both creative and technical stages.

Success of creative stages largely depends on preparation of technical stages. That is why, while working on our projects, we pay a special attention to not only the process of creating views, but also to the stage of gathering and processing all the necessary information. Because in the process of visualization, additionally, there can be conducted works on architecture, design, landscape development and marketing.

Before starting the works, it is necessary to gather and systematize a fair bit of information. At that, the information provided by the client is only a part of it; in parallel, we investigate the situation in the city and the development site, access roads and junctions, peculiarities of the objects architecture and used materials.

While usually, a project takes 2-3 weeks, the first several days are devoted to gathering of information and preparation of detailed technical specifications.

1. You send us general information about the project
  • Drawings and frontage sketches
  • Master plan concept
  • Your wishes for the quantity of variants
2. We prepare a preliminary
commercial offer
  • Duration guideline
  • Price or price brackets (if the scope of work is not specified)
  • Proposals on perspectives and disposition
3. We start preparatory works on the project
  • Preparation of additional questions on the project
  • Gathering all needed information about the object and the site
  • Composing technical specifications
4. We start technical works
on visualization
  • Creating 3d models of the objects and selection of scenery spots
  • Adjustment of materials and creating the environment
  • Preparation and processing of final views
Which views we prepare?
During the preparation of the views and selection of aspects, we proceed from their practicability, we prepare not just a set of views for the sake of views, but we understand why each view is needed, and how it will be perceived by potential purchasers and tenants of the real estate.
Therefore, in visualization, we accentuate the four levels of presentation and perception of architectural objects, which gradually and completely (from the general image to small details) reveal all the advantages of the building.
Bird's eye panorama

It is prepared upon visualization of comprehensive development: cottage settlements, housing complexes, parks.

Bird's eye panorama

The task is to show the plan of the territory, the infrastructure (roads and parking lots, sidewalks and greenfield areas), the harmony and beauty of the housing, its connection and interaction with environment (this can be a nature landscape or an already existing urban area), the efficiency of the development site use.

General view from the ground

The main views in any visualization, they represent the object completely

General view from the ground

The task is represent completely the architectural object from the ground in the way it will be seen in reality.
All frontages are well seen, the most complete comprehension of the architecture is formed.

Near views of public areas

They complement the general views, represent separate zones of attention: entrance groups, alleys, children and sport grounds, cultural and social objects.

Near views of public areas

The task is to involve the audience into the atmosphere of the future object.
These views show exactly what people who will live or work in the constructed building will see every day.

Large views of separate architectural elements

The pictures of separate architectural details or any fragments of the building with accurate rhythm or interesting design.

Large views of separate architectural elements

The task is to form a complete image of the architectural object and draw attention to small details. With the help of these views, the attention is drawn to details, design materials or interesting plastic motions, which are not seen from the first sight and due to which the architectural object, so to speak, discovers itself for the audience in several steps.

How to order visualization?
It is easy to start working with us.
If you are preparing a presentation of your construction project,
write to us to info@lightcache.ru
and we will propose you how to make its visualization in the most effective way.